Reconnect Collection AW2022

The world is changing and with it our view of what home means. No longer limited to the four walls that surround us, a feeling of home also comes from reconnecting with the people and places we love most. Where we live, how we live and who we live with has never felt more important, at Northern we want our collection to reflect this. Thoughtful and intuitive, thanks to the exciting designers, forward-thinking manufacturers, and creative talents we collaborate with, our pieces are precision made and packed with personality. Whether it's furniture, lighting, or an accessory, every Northern product is created with you and your home in mind, so you can be ready to meet that change.
Ove Rogne, CEO and founder
Closeup of the new Tradition small pendant lamp from underneath
Two of the new small Tradition pendant lamp, in a kitchen over the Expand dining table in smoked oak, along with four Oaki dining chairs in black painted oak. On the table we have decorated with the  Monolith candle holders in green stone, the Podium board and the Observe tray.

Tradition Pendant Lamp
By Morten & Jonas

The new Tradition Pendant, from Norwegian design duo Morten & Jonas is a contemporary take on a time-honoured craft. This distinct and decorative design with its finely knitted shade will create a beautiful atmosphere, complement your décor, and enhance your experience of home.

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Gem Sofa

By Meike Harde

Designed by the award-winning Meike Harde, and the latest stylish sofa to be added to the Northern collection, Gem will undoubtably become the striking centrepiece of any room. Like any hidden gem, it takes the touch of a truly skilled craftsperson to release the inner beauty of an otherwise overlooked jewel or stone.

A birds eye view of the Gem sofa in light grey.

With its appealing deep seat, embracing wide backrest and low curved arms, the Gem Sofa offers the utmost in comfort and cosiness. Perfectly suited for lounging, napping, or socialising, foam filled for long-lasting support and fully upholstered in a range of high quality Kvadrat fabrics, this charming and contemporary take on a classic sofa is one you will treasure for many years to come.

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A detail photo of the back and arm rest of the Gem sofa in light grey, with a large Tradition pendant lamp and a Yam lounge chair in brown leather in the background.

Brim Vase

By Ann Kristin Einarsen

The new Brim vases in small and large, standing on top of a Loud bar cabinet in light oiled oak.

Available in two sizes, Brim is made by skilled craftspeople in Italy. While any abnormalities are usually cut away after the casting and drying process, here they are celebrated, with the inside and brim of the vase glazed, highlighting each one’s individual beauty and unique personality.

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Loud Cabinet Series

By Färg & Blanche

Our beloved Loud Bar Cabinet now comes in a light oiled oak and smoked oak option. Still with integrated metal edges and brackets to keep bottles and barware upright when on the move, this fun-filled drinks trolley always makes a statement.

Loud Cabinet

By Färg & Blanche

This autumn Northern are collaborating again with Stockholm based design studio Färg & Blanche on several new pieces of furniture. Drawing on Fredrik Färg’s background as a cabinet maker; he, along with his wife and design partner Emma Marga Blanche, have created the Loud Cabinet and Loud Sideboard to accompany their much-acclaimed bar cabinet.

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Three dark tinted glass shelves is revealed on the inside  of the Loud tall cabinet.

Salto Lamp
By Gridy

Oslo based design firm Gridy took inspiration from their teenage love of skating and snow boarding for their latest lamp. Visually looping from its vertical foot to its horizontal arm in one smooth and seamless motion, the Salto is available as a floor lamp and table lamp and comes in a matt black or beige finish. It also has a discrete 3-step touch brass dimmer at the front of its integrated LED light, as well as an adjustable shade and rotational base making it as practical as it is beautiful.

The new Salto table lamp on a desk together with the Observe tray and a Oaki dining chair in black oiled oak.

Suited to both intimate and spacious settings, this fun and flexible steel lamp is sure to become a much-loved everyday favourite.

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The Salto floor lamp shining light in a book laying on the Gem sofa.

Podium Board

By Jomi Evers

Perfect for displaying prized possesions, keeping objects in place, as well as protecting surfaces from hot temperatures, the Podium Board is made for everyday use throughout the home. Available in three sizes, this sophisticated multifunctional piece, with its beautiful, rippled top has been designed by Oslo based Jomi Evers.

A picture frame is placed on a Podium Board to make sure the frame stand safely against the wall.

Made from solid marble and stone, giving each board a unique appearance, choose from Lilac white marble, characterised by the violet blue veining within it, or black basalt stone with its fine and even-grain texture. Whether used as a display stand, tray or trivet, each Podium Board is as distinctive as the home it is intended for and is sure to last a lifetime.

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A detail photo of the Podium Board.

Granny Candle Holder

By Rudi Wulff

Combining contemporary style with old-fashioned elegance, Rudi Wulff’s Granny Candle Holder series has gained two taller siblings.

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The new sizes of the Granny candle holder in brass, white and black.

Valet Wall Console

By Sami Kallio

Our Valet Wall Console now comes in a handy smaller size making it even easier for you to maximise storage in the narrowest of spaces. Designed by the acclaimed Sami Kallio, this beautiful floating curved drawer can be hung at any height you need, is easily accessed from both sides, and secured by a small brass fastener.

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The new smaller sized Valet wall console in light oiled oak.

Balancer Mini


Berlin-based design studio YUUE, have now added a mini lamp to their gravity defying Balancer series. Drastically reduced in size, but with the same much-loved look, this reimagined multifunctional light fits perfectly on a window sill, bookcase, or workstation.

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Three Balancer mini lamps in black, red and aluminium laying on a pink table.

Monolith Candle Holder

By Morten & Jonas

It was Norwegian design duo Morten & Jonas’ fascination with quarries, and the imprint left on the landscape from extracting the stone, that inspired their Monolith Candle Holder. Available in three sizes that fit neatly together, as well as a wall mounted option, this series of candle holders also comes in four materials.

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The Observe tray in dusty green from above, shown used as a tray for stationary items on a desk.
The Monolith candle holder in green marble in two sizes on a table together with a Observe tray.

Observe Tray

By Ayla Gürsoy

Combining the spirit of traditional entertaining with simpler modern-day living, the Observe Tray by Ayla Gürsoy was designed with making memories in mind. Carefully crafted from ash, this beautiful serving tray is available in either a smoked finish, as well as a coral or blue-green matt paint.

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Three Observe trays stacked on top of each other.


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